Check out the introduction video for detailed visual reference on the Linux cloud hosting packages provided by Frozen Peach Web Hosting.

We have made our cloud hosting platform with a sole aim at heart – to allow all of our customers design superb sites without needing to be concerned with the web hosting part. Our Linux cloud hosting packages contain a 99.9% uptime guarantee, meaning that you don’t need to worry about your web site ever going offline. Also, each of our Linux cloud hosting plans has infinite disk space, limitless monthly traffic and unmetered MySQL storage so that your site will be able to expand unhampered with no need of you having to worry about any kind of hosting boundaries. And you will get a completely free domains registration with all of our Linux cloud hosting packs.

Furthermore, all the hosting packages we provide are delivered with the Web Hosting Control Panel. Within this control panel you’ll discover all the tools you need in order to control your web site in one place, eliminating the need for various billing panels. Furthermore, you will have access to very many advantageous tools: Web App Installer, Cost Free Website Generation Application, Quick Web Site Installer, Framework Installer, sitemap generator and more.

What’s even more for every single Linux cloud hosting account, you choose your data center. We provide Linux cloud hosting throughout as many as three continents with the data center in US, data center in UK, data center in FI, data center in Eastern Europe and data center in AU. And because of our skilled server administrators, we do assure a 99.9% network uptime for all hosting services in every of them.